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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


First let me apologize to those of you who have heard this story.  You may skip this post if you would like.  :)  I’m going to make a scrapping related post shortly after this one goes up.

You would think I would know better, show some common sense.  I’ve never been the daredevil type, always hanging back in the background.  Apparently Monday I took leave of my senses all together.

Monday morning I was participating in a behavior reward incentive thing for my 1st and 2nd graders. The school rented this huge inflatable obstacle course thing with a rope/climbing wall at the end that you are suppose to scale and then go down the slide.

Now, I’ve explained that I'm not a spring chicken and but I'm also well known for being one of the world’s clumsiest people  However with that said I'm a team player and thought, come on I can do this. Well, I got all the way to the last two foam square things to go over the wall and ran out of rope to pull myself over. I tried to grab over the wall but there wasn't anything to grab. I then proceeded to fall and landed on my right ankle. This earned me a trip to the ER, an air brace, pain meds, and one very grotesque ankle/foot.

I’ve been home since around noon on Monday.  Trying to behave, man does that hurt.  I won’t post the photos here but if you just have to see what my foot looks like about 48 hours after the fact look HERE and HERE and HERE.

I’ve gotten some scrapping done, so that’s a good use of my time right?  I’ll be back in a few with some scrap stuff.


  1. I am up to speed now!!! That does not look fun....did you get any props for trying to be a team player???? I secretly want an excuse that makes me sit for long periods of time so that I can scrap obsessively!!! You picked a good week to be out....good job!

  2. Wow!! Way To be a team player though! Since it was at work and for do get workman's comp right?! hehe. But yay for getting to scrap most of the day! )

  3. DANG girl!!!! I've heard the story, but haven't seen the foot....I'm glad you took pics. Maybe you should scrap it? ;)

  4. Oh, my, Susan! That just LOOKS painful! I'm so sorry to hear that you hurt and that it is going to require surgery...thinkin' about you, girl!


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