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Monday, March 1, 2010

CT crazy!

All my CT designers have been going crazy for the past couple of weeks!  I got so wrapped up in all their goodness, grand openings, big news, etc. that I forgot to swing by my own blog and let all of you in on their cool happenings!  How rude of me!

So this may be  a pretty long post.  You may want to take care of all necessary business before going any further.  You know, make sure the kids are entertained, go to the bathroom, get a snack/drink for yourself….etc.

Have I mentioned how much I ****LOVE**** Bre’s templates?  This week her Scrapable Store is 40% off.

I did this layout using Scraps of Ellay’s new kit Peculiar Dreams and BTA’s Simply Simple Templates
Those photos were of Rachel on her b-day.  She really wasn’t in a grumpy/thoughful/reflective mood but at the time the camera flashed this was what I got.  You never know what look you’re going to get with her!

Here is another layout I did with Peculiar Dreams but I used Eally’s template set called Help Me Help You.  The title says looking ahead but really I was looking back.  I have wanted a fresh layout with these photos from when Hannah started preschool.  I can’t believe she’s already in the 3rd grade now.  On top of that this school year is nearly 4/6 over with!

I did this layout using Sunkissed Collab by A+ Designs and Dani Moy Designs and BTA’s Template Pack 9.  I love these photos from one of our weekend get aways with the kids.IK_Sunkissed2

Mel of A+ Designs has this brand new collab kit available called Festive Euphony that is just gorgous!  I did this layout with another one of BTA’s templates.  This one can be found at DSDI in their collab called Outback.IK_FE2

This layout also used Festive Euphony and one of A+ Designs Templistic: Euphony templates.  Yes, I’m randomly scrapping photos lately.  These are of Rachel when she was only 3 months old.
Yes, I still scrap without using templates but these ladies were rocking out kits fast and furiously.  This is only a small taste of what they’ve been up to.  I also have some to share soon from SuzyQ Scraps and Dani Moy. 

I hope some of these layouts have been an inspiration to you!  Someone asked me why I don’t scrap chronologically.  I am inspired by the kits I get.  Sometimes I know just the photo I want to use.  Have I finished a book yet?  No, but I have layouts that are going into my children’s baby books, I have layouts that are going into my revolving family album and will eventually go into a chronological album, and I have many that grace the multiple computers in our lives.

So scrap the way you feel best at and I’ll scrap my way and we’ll all be happy in the end.  Sounds good!  Come back soon to see what else has been up! 

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