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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scrappin’ Time

This time of year I seem to hardly have time to breathe!  There’s one thing after with either my school, my husband’s school (which is also our oldest daughter’s school), our son’s school, not to mention my son’s b-day, end of the year rush to get all our “teacher” stuff finished up, etc.  Whew!  That made me tired just typing that out. 

I was thrilled to have a little bit of time to actually scrap some this weekend.  I was asked today what I do with my layouts by a fellow teacher.  I told her that I want to print some of them out into albums someday but it’s going to be a while.  Until then I use them as screen savers, play them in my digital photo frame (which reminds me I still need to update my DH’s), and share them via the web with family and friends.  What’s holding me back you ask?  Well, the fact is I don’t scrap chronologically.  I don’t even have a single event scrapped completely to the point where I’m ready to put it into an album.  I scrap photos that speak to me.  Sometimes a kit will make a certain photo or series come to mind, sometimes a challenge at one of my favorite scrapping sites will spark a layout, and sometimes I’m just in the mood for certain photos.

With that long winded explanation out of the way here are a couple of layouts I did this weekend.


This one was for the template challenge at STS but what made me pick these photos was the kit.  Living in the part of Texas that we do my kids don’t see lots of mountains and big trees.  So when we visit other states they are often amazed by the beautiful scenery.  Scenery that my DH and I grew up with and at the time took for granted.  This kit is Bears Eat Beets (Revamped) by Scraps of Ellay.  If you have her original Bears Eat Beets you should totally check this one out.  It’s so deep and rich and yes, so different from her original kit. 


Another layout I finished up this weekend was using a new kit by DaniMoy Designs called Forever You


At first I was thinking something with one of the girls but for some reason these photos of when my son was little kept popping in my head.  Yeah, this one may never get printed but I love it all the same.  It’ll be one just for me, the Mom.  I keep hoping that one of my 3 will have the desire to take piano lessons and stick with it like I did.  Maybe not be a music specialist but at least enjoy playing.


It has been a while since I scrapped with a kit from SuzyQ Scraps.  She got together with fellow designer AnnaBV and designed a kit near and dear to my other obsession – Music!  It’s called Music In Your Heart.


Again, it was one of those, something kept calling me back to these photos.  Man these two sweet little ones don’t look like that anymore.  They are growing up way too fast!  Where did time go from when they played dress up and pretended to have a recital? 


So now it is time for me to head off to dreamland because tomorrow my boy will be graduating…no, he’s not a genius who just skipped 12 grades.  LOL   Though that might be a nice thing if he wanted to support me……  Sorry, back to reality I come.  He’ll be graduating from Kindergarten.  I’ve had to be very specific and explain that while graduation is tomorrow he still has one more week of Kindergarten.  That he’s not coming to my school the next day as a first grader.  That didn’t set very well with him, because he just knew he was going to be with his Mom.  Poor guy.  Tomorrow will be a double exciting day.  His b-day is tomorrow too!  So many changes in such a short amount of time.

So before I head off tonight, let me ask you this, do you scrap chronologically or do you scrap like I do, whatever calls to you?  Leave me a comment below.  If you do, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $5 GC to my store at STS!  I’ll pick and post a winner Saturday so get those comments in!


  1. I was going to leave this comment even BEFORE I saw the GC offer, because you stated the EXACT thing I do - I scrap whatever comes to mind for a certain kit, challenge, or mood. So I have over 500 completely random pages - I tried to organize them once into an album, and NO WAY!

    So one of these days, I'll just print them all up in a book or two, and let it be called "random scraps of my life" or something, and just let it be like, open and see what you see! No logic, no order, just like one of those books with little blurbs of "useless information" that I like so well. Always an adventure, always interesting, etc.

    The one thing I will try to do is put things together that DO go together, like a certain event. Of course, after printing the book, I'll probably scrap ANOTHER picture from that event, and have to put it in a different book later.

    BUT on the positive side, my descendants will have that much more idea of how my mind works - cuz that's about the same scattered way I think!

  2. de bien jolies pages.
    ton blog est super.tres fleuri bravo

  3. When it comes to scraping a LO it depends on what the day holds for me. Sometimes I will be going through a store and see a kit and know exactly what picture I could use for that other times I get get ideas from some forums I'm in. I don't print any out for the reason I now nothing about printing and second I have went to store and looked at the digital scrap-booking stuff and it seems very expensive. I would like to make a really nice scrapbook for my son but it's getting started on it. I have no idea where to begin.

    Thanks for the chance at the 5.00 GC offer. :)

    Good Luck to all..

  4. When I scrap traditionally I scrap chronologically (and I did digitally before I found STS) Now my digital pages are more random to go with the CT kits I am working with or challenges but I am trying to do 2009 and 2010 so that they will someday go in the kids' books chronologically. I print page prints for the kids so it will be easy to add more LOs later. Our family digital book is a book so I need to hurry up and do Jan-June 2010 by the end of June when my coupon to go towards the book expires. LOL.
    So I do a mixture but display the LOs chronologically when they are printed.

  5. I scrap what ever grabs me. I usually am scrapping for a certain challenge. All your pages are amazing.

  6. I scrap whatever hits me thru challenges or for a particular kit or event that I want to scrap. If I were to scrap chronologically, if I get stuck on an event I wouldn't be able to move foward. I print my pages on my HP and put them in page protectors for easy viewing.

  7. There were 7 comments and the number picked by a random # generator was......

    #7!! So LilyAnn is the winner. LilyAnn I've sent an email your way.

    Thanks for the great comments everyone!


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