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Thursday, March 19, 2009

New blog look

When I pulled up my blog today it looked really strange. Everything was off kilter. I know that it didn't look that way yesterday. I don't know if gremlins took a pot shot at the HTML or what. I decided that it was past time for a new look anyway. Ellay has entered the world of design and created a kit called "A Brisk Walk." I got permission from her to use her kit to create my blog redesign. I love this kit and will probably be tweaking my blog from her stuff for a while. If you like what you see here then you can pick up the full kit from her blog here. Look in the archive posts for the links. This kit is beautiful. Way to go Ellay! I'm going to be out of pocket the next few days. We leave tomorrow sometime to head to Arkansas for a family wedding that's Saturday. We'll be getting back late Saturday night and then Sunday it'll be busy getting things ready for a week of school. I hate that Spring break is over. If I can get Internet access where we're staying I'll check in tomorrow. If not, I'll definitely check in on Sunday. :) Happy scrapping!

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  1. I'm so glad you like my kit! Your blog looks great!!! Love it!


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