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Friday, August 7, 2009

Hidden blessings

Sad to say it’s my last free Friday for a long time.  Yes, summer is over and it’s time to get back into the school routine.  I’m going to miss my off and on days of scrapping.  I think this has taken on a whole life of it’s own.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, not about school starting exactly, but then again, maybe it is in a way.  Something just hit me as I started this post.  Last night I just happened to check my email right before heading off to bed and there was a message informing me that someone wanted to be added as a friend on Facebook.  Facebook is one of those things I had put off as long as I could but found to be necessary recently.  I didn’t recognize the name and thought I would just go on for a minute to check them out and send a note if needed (long boring story behind that).  Anyway, I checked on the person’s profile to see if I could figure out the link to how this person knew me.  Her profile photo looked familiar but I wasn’t sure and the name, the name just didn’t ring a bell!  All the sudden I realized who it was!  She was my very best friend in elementary school.  We were inseparable from Kindergarten until 5th grade.  We had kept in touch through High School but then our adult lives took us in different direction. 

It was just by accident that we reconnected.  Amazing really.  We started chatting last night, catching up on life, 17 years worth.  It was an emotional time for both of us, right now I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  But the point I’m trying to make is this.  You may only be in a person’s life for a moment, a minute, an hour, or a lifetime.  Those moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years all mean something.  Make the most of them.  You never know what impact you will have on their lives.

I’ve met some amazing women through this world of digi-scrap.  Many of you I consider great friends.  You have touched my life in many ways.  For some of you this time may be fleeting, with some of you this may be a lifetime journey of incredible friendship.  To all of you I want to say, “Thank you for being who you are.  I am glad our paths have crossed and may they cross many many more times.  May God richly bless each and everyone of you.”

Be a light in someone’s life.  You’ll get a blessing from it, I promise.


  1. I can't do the facebook thing. I also have 2 children and have decided that I'm going to use it against them. I'm so afraid of them being lured by predators that I will tell them if mommy doesn't do facebook, neither do you. Think it will work? LOL.

  2. I love this! I have recently reconnected with several old friends, and it is amazing how quickly all those friendly feelings rekindle, like not a day has gone by even though YEARS have passed! Thank you for being a friend! xo

  3. SUSAN! You KNOW I'm emotional right now! LOL! Of course, I'm all teared up with ya! You have been a great friend to me, and I appreciate it...I'll miss you when school starts!
    I reconnected with my elementary school best friend through FB, too. We've had lunch and now I'm trying to help her to get in shape! Funny how that works with Facebook. :)


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