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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s Wednesday night already?

Well, Monday morning wasn’t so bad.  My DS was thrilled to be at school and I was too busy all day to worry about him (much).  However I had a mommy’s worst nightmare when his bus arrived at my school and he wasn’t on the bus.  Long story, but basically the driver looked at the address on the my son’s bus tag (not the huge extra large black printing that said he was going to my school!) and refused to take him.  Never mind that the information was there staring him in the face.  Never mind that the address was for a different town – so obviously no bus goes there.  All this happened in front of the superintendent of the school district too.  Needless to say the bus company reps have been extremely nice to me for the past two days and the driver has taken very good care of my little boy since then. 

My son however was awesome.  He just did what the adults told him to do.  He said he wasn’t scared because he knew I would come get him but he was sad because he had been looking forward to riding the bus.  Now that he’s rode the hot bus for two days I think he wishes he didn’t have to ride the bus from one school to another.

I did have time last weekend to play with an awesome new kit by Dani Moy Designs called Dot Dot Dot.  I used it for a speed scrap at ESS and much to my surprise this layout was chosen as LOTD!  I am so flattered!



It’s late and I’m falling asleep typing this so I guess I need to call it a night especially since 5:30 comes so early for this non-morning person.  Thanks for dropping by!  Leave me a little message and I’ll swing by your blog.

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  1. Hello! Hi! Love your blog!and that's a really cute kit with the blue/chocolate colors:) have a great day:)


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