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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looking back

Part of what I love about digi-scrapping is being able to go back and remember things as I put a layout together.  The little moments of life that I once captured in a photo (or a few photos).  No, I haven’t finished and printed an album yet.  But I’ve scrapped memories that I will print out and have in a working album.

What makes this different than just printing out the photos and placing them in an album?  What happens when someone needs a photo for some project?  Those are questions that I’ve been asked on this journey I started a year ago.  Here is what my mind has decided for now.  Question 1 – these layouts hold meaning to me.  My family has connected over these and many times the layouts help tell a story even without the journaling (but that is something this year I’m going to work on).  It’s an artistic outlet for me to create layouts using my favorite in the moment photos.  Question 2 – I think as my kids look through these layouts they’ll remember the photos even better because there is more of a story with each one.  So when the time comes that they need a specific photo they’ll be able to tell me which one they want a lot easier (or show me the layout with it).  I have a system of organizing my digital photos so it won’t be hard to find the one they are looking for.  Well, that is except for one set that for some reason even I still have to search for them.

With that said, when I saw this kit by Scraps of Ellay I knew exactly which photos I wanted to use.  These photos of my boy when he was little have always cried out to me to be used in something.  Now, granted the photos were taken two digital cameras ago so the resolution was smaller and the clarity was different than the “now” photos I have been taking.  But isn’t that the same as looking back on the photos of when you were a kid versus the photos your family took when you were a teenager?  (Now don’t even get started on age – it doesn’t matter!)

I adore how this turned out.  Nate loved playing in the tub – honestly still does, sometimes we have to give him a time limit that he has to get out or he might turn into a prune.


All this (and so much more) came from Scraps of Ellay’s newest kit: Thompson’s Room the  Bundle.  Right now this bundle is on sale for 25% off at Ellay’s STS store.  Take a look at everything you’ll get!

Here’s just the kit: SOE_TR_fullpreview

Then in the bundle you get the quilted papers (I love those!), the solids, the CU glitters, and the fabulous set of QP’s and BB’s!  If my math isn’t too far off you can pick all that up for under $7.00.  It’s a great deal!  But if you don’t want all the pieces each one is available on it’s own in the store.

I hope your scrapping takes you down memory lane like mine does.  Those memories are precious!

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  1. That is an adorable layout! Thanks for posting the kits. I'll be looking for some of them!


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