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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

STS Happenings

Life has a way of coming at you full force without warning.  That’s what I feel like the past few weeks have been like.   I’m sorry that I’ve been pretty much MIA.  Apparently I’ve had a horrible allergic reaction to something and all the medicine I’m taking to combat the problem has made me so tired that I’ve not accomplished much of anything.

But, that’s not why you are here.  You didn’t come to hear me whine or complain.  So enough of the sour side of life.  I have a few news items from STS to share.  I like to know things ahead of time so I can mark my calendar.  :)
And just for showing up Friday night and participating (getting that layout done in two hours and posted) you will get this cute kit by Shel Belle Scraps:

STS offers a special deal each month called Build A Kit.  You can pick and choose pieces all priced at $1.99.  Great way to add to your scrapping stash and pick up the pieces that best suit you.  :)

May BAK Flyer copy
Be sure to check out the STS store there’s bound to be some cute “stuff to scrap” with.

Check back this weekend because I should have a little something for my fabulous blog readers.  Monday I have a new kit coming out that will put a smile on your face.  And while you waiting on me to mend why don’t you swing by my Facebook Fan Page (they are calling it the “like” page but I refuse – it’s a FAN page) and join up?  Rumor has it there will be some goodies showing up there for my fans only very very soon.  Got friends who are scrapbook fanatics?  Send them over to my fan page too so they don’t miss out on the goodies being spread around.

Now I really need to head off for the night.  I’m sure I’m going to wish I had made it to bed before 1 am when I need to be a little more upbeat with my kiddos.  Sure, I’ll just blame it on the antihistimine, the antibiotic, and that other stuff.  Maybe they’ll go easy on me – well I can wishfully think so anyway.

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