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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down By the Lily Pad – CT Blog Train (FREEBIE)

Hang on to your seats – this is going to be a doozy of a post!  I promise though, if you stay through until the end it’ll be well worth the time you spent with me today.  :)

I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for my newest kit release!  I love teaming up with Scraps of Ellay and this time our friend Christie Dawn of Scrappin’ Serenity joined us in a 3 kit collab called Down By the Lily Pad!  This collab is super adorable and one you just don’t want to pass up.  We’ve done this collab a little different than the last two Ellay and I did.  This time there are three separate full kits each with a full alpha.  Let me show you all three kits first before I tell you more.

My KitIKDD_DBTLP_fullpreview
Scrappin’ Serenity’s Kit
CDSS_DBTLP_Paper Preview

Scraps of Ellay’s Kit

And that’s not all!  Each of us did a different add-on to the kit that can be purchased separately.

IKDD_DBTLP_cardstockpreview CDSS_DBTLP_Worn Paper Preview SOE_DBTLP_glitterrpreview

Now I know you’re thinking – WOW but which one to choose?  How about if we made it easier for you and it would be the DEAL of the Century?  I mean the mother of all deals?  How about if we offered you all three kits and all three add-ons for less than the cost of all three kits alone?  In other words….getting the three kits at a bargain price and giving you the add-ons for free.

We’ll Ellay, Christie Dawn, and I loved this collab so much that’s exactly what we decided to offer to you!  It’s the Down By the Lily Pad Collab BUNDLE.

DBTLP Bundle Preview

See we love our fans!

How about those of you who love the kits but want something quick that’s already put together?  You like to have something to add your photos to, maybe add a little journaling, and have an album ready to print.  Never fear we thought of you too!  We started scrapping with these kits ourselves and hardly new where to stop.  So we created a 16 page Quick Page set!

DBTLP QP Preview

I told you – we LOVE this collab!  Okay, I know you think it can’t get any better right?  Well how about one more spectacular incentive?  If you checked my blog earlier you saw a super cute sneak peek with an announcement but just in case you missed it….
This week only EVERYTHING is an addition 25% off!  That includes the bundle!  So if you were thinking that the bundle was a great deal, grab it this week for even more savings!

Our CT’s loved this collab too!  I’m going to share some inspiration from my CT and I’m sure when you swing by Christie Dawn’s and Ellay’s blogs you’ll get to see some fabulous layouts by their CT’s too.  (And yes, I promise you, you’ll want to swing by their blogs – I’ve hooked you up below – just hang on!)

MISTY X3 – I love the way she uses multiple photos so well!


Alessandra X2  - These are too cute for words!

Ellay X2 – Ellay had a lot of fun getting these photos! I love her layering!

Haylee X1 -  Doesn’t it look like they had fun?  A little cold but fun!
Ophelia X1 – I’m amazed at these photos!
Then of course I scrapped with this too.  I’ve just scratched the surface with this kit too!  I know that I’m going to find more photos that will call me back to this kit.  :)

Okay I know in the title I said there was a Blog Train stopping through here.  I know I mentioned a freebie.  Well if you’ve made it this far you deserve what is coming up next!  Some of our CTMs made Brag Book pages to share using this awesome collab.  There are 15 stops along the way on this Train.  If you get lost you can always swing back by here and pick right back up.  Be sure as you stop by each blog to download your goodies to say “Thank you.”  Our CTs do a great job and it’s always nice to let people know that you appreciate them giving you a gift.  Right?  Right.  Without any more rambling from me…..Here’s my gift to you:


I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog train!

Susan  <--------You are here


  1. Thanks for the freebies from all of you. Cute idea to make it a BB. It may take a while to DL them, my comp is really slow!

  2. Thank you very much for the cute BB page!

  3. Thank you for the great brag book page!


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